Are You Getting Enough Sleep

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Sleep medications can help get a better night’s sleep, but they should be used for the shortest time possible. Over use of sleep medications can worsen insomnia.

There is however a better alternative. Natural sleep therapies that help with sleep are available. Even if you must take sleeping medications, natural therapies should make you sleep better and be more alert when you awake.

Melatonin taken at bedtime is very important. If you take a sleeping medication, the brain will produce less melatonin.  A starting low dose is 0.5 mg of melatonin at bedtime is suggested.  If that level does not help, the dosage can be gradually increased up to 3 mg.

In addition taking amino acid at bedtime helps with insomnia. An amino acid called 5HTP is produced in the body and in the brain. 5HTP can be converted into serotonin and L-tryptophan, L-tryptophan has a long history of helping with insomnia.  A dosage of 200 mg of 5HTP can help when taken at bedtime.

GABA is another amino acid that is effective in calming the brain at night. Some claim that GABA does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier, but there has been very good results using GABA as a supplement for treating insomnia.  The usual dose of GABA is 1000 mg.  It is best taken at bedtime.

This article is based on a report by David Brownstein, M.D. For more information please go to

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